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Hoi Hoi~

When did life become so busy? Eeeeh~ I haven't even been able to catch up with Oishi~ For so long let alone everybody else! Ne, Oishi! Don't forget to message me if any parties come up! I don't want to miss out on anything fun!

Kaidou! Mengo mengo~ I really haven't been able to do ANYTHING and it's not like I'm really busy. So maybe I bought a new computer game and have spent a lot of time on that. 

Now that's over though, hey EVERYONE! Let's do something fun! :3

Fuji! Let's go out somewhere! When I don't go out I manage to save so much money so now I can do whatever I want for a while! Heh heh~
[ooc: Hey guys! People who see my personal journal will have seen that recently my workplace lost 740 jobs. Been busy looking for work and helping all my co-workers also relocate to new jobs. My online time is now significantly decreased because I work in a bank now... ...and they're tight on security unlike my last job but I like this place too much to just drop. 

As a result though, the BEST way to contact me is through my email which is here So please email me if you want to log! Or just send a log straight to me! I would love love love to log with Fuji, Kaidou (I know you're the same person :3), Oishi, An (Kamio would :P) and EVERYONE. If you leave a message on my AIM I most likely won't respond as much as I used to... ...I'm sleeping during the day, working at night and other than that I have to look after my kitten and do commission work but I'll try to stay active, EMAIL ME FOR LOGS. - I reply logs on my phone/ipad on the run which is why I think I should be able to still stay active.]
I have this really cute one that I used to dance to when I played DDR with some high school friends.

Isn't it just so cute?
I guess it's not really the same style a the one Kamio just had on his journal but it's still kinda cute. 

Happy Valentine's Day!~

Cute Nagayan Image is lj cut to save flists :3Collapse )Hallo everyone!~

It's a wonderful wonderful Valentine's Day and all the girls should be treasure princesses on such a wonderful occasion I'm sure.

I think on such a fine day, I shall actually dress more casual, and give each and every one of the girls a more personal and intimate little meeting and of course each and everyone one of you should get a little kiss at the end of your time with me.

Don't you guys think it's a wonderful idea if just for a little extra the girls can opt into a raffle and the winner gets to have a little romantic dinner with one of us? Haha. I suggest...Kaidou! He would make a wonderful date for one of our princesses. :3

Learning the piano~

Ne Ne Ootori-kun!!

I want to learn this :3

That would be so great! It sounds so nice :3

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Host Club Hoi!~

 Another day over at work. The girls were a lot more fun today somehow. Maybe it's because they were all loud and laughed a lot more than the last few girls who were directed my way. That and the fact that Ochibi had to settle with the girls I introduced to him which weren't quite as loud as the others.

I'm sure those girls had more fun with him anyway! He likes those shy quiet types. Nyaha!~

And before anybody says anything, it's a fair trade because Ochibi gets so flustered sometimes when he gets a girl that's too loud for him. Such a cute little Ochibi~ One day I'm sure you'll be able to play with the girls as well as everyone else. Or maybe I should teach you how to be loud like me. I could teach you how to do that handstand I do, all the girls seem to really like that. Though the host club owners get a bit worried when I pull those tricks sometimes, don't they?

Now I wonder...whether I should go home or I should go out onto the town seeing as I managed to get the late shift tomorrow. :3 OH they've got a new release of sneakers tomorrow too.